The Constellations for September and October.

"Existence is not something which lets itself be thought of from a distance: it must invade you suddenly, master you, weigh heavily on your heart like a great motionless beast—or else there is nothing more at all."
Jean-Paul Sartre, from Nausea (via violentwavesofemotion)
"what i want is to be
aware of the spaces between stars, to breathe
continuously the sources of sky,
a veined sail moving,
my love never setting
foot to the dark
anvil of earth"
Pat Lowther, from “Random Interview,” in Time Capsule  (via petrichour)

Antoine D’Agata
"Go all the way with it. Do not back off. For once, go all the goddamn way with what matters."
Ernest Hemingway (via seabois)
"Each morning it is her face that replaces the darkness."
Sylvia Plath, Mirror (via mrsfscottfitzgerald)
"We are here on earth to do good to others. What the others are here for, I don’t know."
W.H. Auden (via journalofanobody)